Giovanni de Virgilio, son of Francesco de Virgilio who designed the Aurelia V6 engine, married into the Lancia family and is often regarded as the father of the Aurelia project, had the following to say about the ‘Outlaw’: 


'In summary it's a very purposeful and realistic car that Gianni Lancia could have built for a friend' - Giovanni de Virgilio


'Maybe the coolest car on the entire Monterey Car Week. You don't have to follow the pack with your car builds... Be creative! Be different! Aurelia Outlaw, a Thornley Kelham build, just the best of the best!  Flaminia 2.8 engine, lowered roofline, custom interiors…Truly amazing, has to be 1 of my all time fav's of the 50’s. I'm going to need more photos of this Outlaw! Just excellent... Paint like deep ink. Wonderful!!!’   - some of the comments from Monterey Car Week.


'That is just a badass looking car!' - D.S. owner Outlaw 2