'So how do you guys feel about doing an Outlaw Aurelia? How do you think the purists will feel?' 

What a great question! That's what we were asked by a new client who excited us with his vision of creating a really cool, not-one-for-the-purists, heavily modified B20GT. Once we had agreed that it should be a late (Series 5 or 6) model, and we had thought it through (a bit), we loved the idea. It fitted with our aim to put Aurelias on the map - whether the totally accurate restoration of the ex-MM car, restoring 2-litre or 2500 models properly for serious road use, or now developing a set of ideas to create a unique Aurelia interpretation.

First step - find a suitable car, in this case a Series 6 'barn find' which no one could argue needed anything less than a complete restoration. Second step - find a Flaminia drive train to transplant - for more power… Third - develop a design concept - with details to be agreed with our customer.

This unique and highly bespoke Aurelia is now complete to the delight of the owner who is thrilled with the outcome. The car was unveiled to the public for the first time at the 2015 Salon Prive' held at Blenheim Palace, amid huge interest.

The original donor car was a Series 6 ‘barn find’ B20GT needing a complete restoration

The original donor car was a Series 6 ‘barn find’ B20GT needing a complete restoration

Donor car

The first stage of the process is to find a donor car, a Lancia Aurelia B20GT in need of restoration, to form the basis of the transformation into an Outlaw.


The most distinctive feature of the Outlaw project is the lowered roofline which was inspired by the B20GT driven by Giovanni Bracco in the 1951 Carrera Panamericana. This feature is common to all the Outlaws and is part of what makes them unique.

Roofline lowered by 3 inches

Roofline lowered by 3 inches



The customer chose a wide range of customisation options to further personalise the car.

  • Front and rear wings were widened

  • ‘Nardi’ bonnet scoops were added

  • front indicators were eliminated and incorporated into headlamps; an external, Monza-style fuel filler cap (FIA approved) was added

  • a Lancia Flaminia 2.5 3C engine and transaxle replaced the original Aurelia drivetrain; engine was enlarged to 2.8 litres

  • cylinder heads were ported, polished and lightly skimmed

  • hotter camshaft

  • bespoke design free-flowing exhaust manifolds and exhaust system

  • bespoke aluminium air box

  • disc brkaes all round (inboard at rear) replacing original drums

  • dual circiut hydraulic brakes. adjustable brake bias to rear

  • modified pedal box

  • bespoke aluminium radiator incorporatiing air cooler

  • bespoke aluminium competition fuel tank

  • electric water pump

  • hydraulic clutch conversion

  • lowered suspension

  • revised damping

  • full Connolly aniline l

  • leather interior with bespoke quilting

  • Alcantara headlining

  • extensive sound deadening thproughout cabin

  • wood rimmed competition steering wheel

  • fully built-in bespoke roll cage

  • FIA approved four point safety harnesses

  • Porsche 356 Speedster aluminium front seats

  • all fittings plated in bright nickel finish

  • bespoke narrower front windscreen

  • bespoke side windows and rear quarter lights

  • bespoke rear bview mirrors

  • elimination of side mouldings, bumpers and bonnet bright work

  • Jaguar D Type-style 15 inch alloy wheels

  • cur down exterior door handles

  • Marchal headlamps and fog lamps

  • Ferrari-competition style bonnet/hood catches